What My Clients Have To Say?

These are not made up clients. They are100% the real deal. You are more than welcome to talk to them!


John’s leads and system have given us an extra $100k on our bottom line year on year

Nicky M.

No1 Real Estate Agent West Auckland

John is a sharp, smart mover who gets things done. He is always one step ahead and his word is 100% genuine and always wanting the best for his clients

Carolyn M.

Real Estate Agent Napier

The leads we’ve been getting have cost us 12% of our gross commission. We’re very happy!

Amanda S.

Real Estate Agent WGTN

Careful what you wish for working with John. He’ll have your business flying in a flash!

Rachel J.

CEO FIJI Yacht Cruises

​I’ve invested 17k for 2019  and my return was $110k. Super happy and just gets better year on year.

Paul S.

Risk Insurance

​My site generates 20 to 25 leads a month returning $8k – $10k to me in commission per month.  It works!

Mike M.

ACC Business Adivce​