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As of October 10, 2023: Due to the demand for insurance leads, we don’t have any immediate slots available if you would like to be notified when a slot becomes free click here.

Life Insurance, Income Protection, Trauma, Health & Mortgage Protection Leads

If you’re an adviser in New Zealand looking for insurance leads in real-time that convert, with a proven track record, then you’ve come to the right place. This system is custom built for New Zealand Advisors to sell more which includes; full online training and a CRM system to track your leads. The lead cost is between $65 and $86 per lead (plus GST and set up) and you only pay for genuine leads. My goal is to have you selling more, rather than mucking around with technology.
If you’re not doing 10,000 API per month after 3 months then you’re doing something wrong – check out the winners below!

To get started only takes 90 seconds and you’re away! It does take upto 48 hrs to set you up.

Once you sign up it takes us less than  24 hrs to set you up and for leads to start flowing. ​Take less than 90 seconds to join. Click the ACCESS NOW link to get started.

Common Questions

There is a one-off $250 BOND to be paid which is refunded after 30 leads. Each lead is $65 plus GST, and you have up to 72 hrs to validate your lead. All leads are billed to your credit card after 72 hrs. We do not cold call to obtain the leads; all the leads come via search channels. We do not sell the lead twice. We sell Income Protection leads, Mortgage Repayments, Trauma Insurance and Health Insurance leads. Yes, you can pause your leads for up to 30 days, if you want to go beyond 30 days there is a $79 per month cost to hold your account open. You can pause your account as many times as you like. Paused accounts and cancellations take 72 hrs and are completed once a week.


If you are looking for leads for Kiwi Saver in New Zealand? We can supply around 20-30 per week, and our rates sit between $15 and $25 per lead. If you’re interested in obtaining Kiwi Saver leads for your team or call centre
Please enquire below, and we will get back to you.


As of Jan 5 2021: We now have Mortgage Leads. If you want these you can join here. $39 plus GST. Click here 

Fast Track

We need you to complete a secure online form. This needs to be sent to you.
To have this link sent to you, click the link below and send the following information:
1. Your Full name
2. Your Address
3. Your Business name
4: Your email and phone
5. Your FSP (RFA) number and a copy of your Disclosure document

Listen to Their Results

If you are looking for Refinance Leads as a Mortgage Broker then click here


How to work from home, give advice and work with virtual teams.
This ten-minute video shows you the free tools to use and how to set them up.

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Got My First Submission in 3 Days

30 Jan 2020

​Hi John,
I have 2 booked appts today for sign-ups and another one booked in 2 weeks time which is great cos expecting to close 4 out of 14.
I am away all next week so please could you switch me off as of now?
I’ll email you once I’m back in the office. Thanks!
​Kind regards, DS


Made $83,600 PROFIT in just 6 months

4 Decemebr 2019

Hey John,

Thought you may want to know some stats last 6 months.
These number include what’s in the tank with u/w at the moment ( shouldn’t be any issues getting these thru .. )Assumes cost of lead at $ 60 and commission rate 200%
360 Leads @ $ 60= $ 21,600Investment
360 leads + = 21 clients ( 6% Conversion )
21 clients @ 52,600 api overall
@ 200% = $ 105,200 commission

( think I started this full time mid June 2019 )

OUR PARTNER: TAPNZ The Adviser Platform New Zealand

Our partner TAPNZ gives you the adviser the oppotunity to focus on providing a proactive value-adding platform to allow you to focus on better advice and more business. To find out more go to or download the PDF.



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Fly Me High Tile

How The Lead System Works

This 15 minute video shows you how the insurance leads arrive in real time, how the CRM works
​and how you can make upto $10,000 API a month!