Weight loss and Cosmetic procedures

3X your sales
No Tech Overwhelm
No Contracts
Cost nutual in less than 70 days
We provide all the tools
No tricks. No strings
Exclusive locations granted

Sales Conversions for specialists without the Tech Overwhelm

Some of you will use AdWords, Facebook or a combination of both to create traffic. Some specialists use neither and only have leads dripping in.
The sad reality is that 98% of business owners do neither correctly and end up finding online marketing frustrating and costly. The 2% who understand what they’re doing dominate the market and take control. We will show you a proven method that generates leads that turn into sales by having skin in the game with you.

This page tells you how we do it, and how we generate sales from a fixed level of costs for those that sell a specialist cosmetic or weight loss procedure.


How do we work?

We have a proven method that we’ve used for over 7 years. We’ve worked in Real Estate, Insurance, Finance and the medical sector. All have simlar conversion rates, and we use the same methord over and over again.

The process works as follows

A prospect comes to your site and opts in via a quiz or give away. We then ask for an appointment. It’s that simple!  The key concept to understand is that not all leads are going to be clients and you need to find the leads with the highest level of intent, so you spend your time talking to the ‘most likely’ candidates. We do this using sales and marketing automation, which is not so simple!

The one metric that never lies is the law of probability. We know that there’s a percentge of leads that will request an appointment and of those, a certain pecentage will buy. The trick is having you or your team only talking to the 5% of people who want to buy. Our automation systems do all the work for you, allowing you to focus on the buyers with the highest level of intent.

How long does it take?

For high ticket services that are between $5,000 and $12,000 each unit the pipeline can take 2 to 3 months to break even.  From that point onwards the costs stay fairly static and your income can grow to 5 times higher over the next 7 – 8 months.



The biggest failure we see is people throwing money at Google hopping it will work. We don’t hope. We understand conversions.
We work in three ways:
CPL (cost per lead) Costs are very low requires manual follow up.
CPA (cost per appointment) Costs are directly related to the number of patients who have high intent and request a time to be called.
*CPS (cost per sale) High costs we take care fo the sales process too.
NB: Only available in NZ
Once you get a taste for what we do, you will never leave. That’s good business for us and fantastic business for you!  On average you will break even within 70 days. Then the costs stay neutral, and the sales go up. Great news for any business!

Sounds great show me the detail…

Lets look at CPA. These numbers will vary. Lets say you sell a procedure worth $6,000. The first 30 days you may spend around $3,000 on Adwords, and this gives you around 375 leads in the first 30 days. These leads will go into our automation system, which will establish the level of intent of your prospects. The prospects with the highest level of intent will then be booked in for a free 15min  consultation with you. A basic sales call. Lets say 10% ask to book a time with you.
​No phone calls to time wasters. You get to talk with 37 people who have been assessed electonicly online. They’ve been given a quote -then they request a time to talk with you. (yes, we can automate finance too!) 37 live opportunites a month.

Let’s look at the numbers on the CPA option


After Month 1

Of the 375 leads around 37 people will book an appointment each month
And of those 37 people, you will connect with 25 of them
(remember we’re dealing with people…no all adhere to times and may change them and re book) .
You spend 15min with 25 people – Total of 6.25 hrs a month – And of this time, you make 15 procedure bookings worth $90,000
(to be fair it takes around 5 months to reach $90,000, but you will break even in less than 90 days)

After Month 2

After month two, your costs in relation to sales change. At the end of 60 days we aim for break even.

After Month 3

The costs stay static, and your sales go through the roof (see chart below of actual clinic Feb 2018 ) you will see no income month one but after month two it sky rokcets and costs stay nutual. And you take market share at the same time!


So, what next?

The only contract is our performance. If you don’t like what you see after 30 days, we will simply divert your traffic back to your old site and move on. We charge a set cost per lead (CPL), appointment (CPA) or sale CPS). We have minimum requirements each month.
Please read on and we will show you how it works.


STEP 1: Your Website and Current Status

We will have an online meeting to discuss your process. We will need to know your current conversions, what traffic you’re getting, and how many contacts it takes to convert to a sale.
We will then set up a connection to your calendar so people can book in and meet you – these are the conversions from the leads!
You do not have to delete your website. We simply replicate your site on our server, and add in some smarts that will make it convert. At anytime you can divert back to your website. We will also add on an automation machine.

STEP 2: Your Website Traffic

We have to get your website to rank higher than your competition.

Set up Google Ad words
Target customers with high intent. If you don’t have an adwords account we will set one up for free.

This site generates $1.1 Million in sales each year and the client invests $100,000 per year.

Step 3: Automations and Pipline

We will connect you up and train you on how to use the pipeline. This is a drag and drop system. You will need 20 min training, that’s it. Everything we do is super simple for you to use. The automation emails and text messages can be personalised for you including your logo. This system is provided for free for you to use. You will also be able to see exactly how many bookings you have and over time will be able to establish predictable cash flow forecasts. Google is predictable!

Book a time and knock out your competition!