How to sell more insurance without leaving your desk!

Brief Introduction

A little about me and what I’ve done, and how I generated leads.
How I filled my diary up with appointments, and still today, 2021, I use this same system to get my appointments.

The Structure

– Introduction on why i set this up
​- Expanding your client base
– How it works
– Software you will need for free
– Meeting #1 Meeting #2 and Meeting #3

Any Desk

What is Any Desk
How to download it and install
How you make the call
How to connect with the other party
Actual short demo of a connection
​TIps and traps to avoid
NB: Zoom is great however Any Desk is super simple and fast.

This has been updated 27 June 2019 – I use a new version. 

How to get the signature

What is Right Signature
How to sign up
What tools you need
​Show you a demo of it working
How to send a document

This has been updated 27 June 2019 – I use a new version. 

Phone Scripts

My Secret Calling Scripts
Over 7,000 calls I made using this same format
How to open and never fail
How to gain trust
How to gain Authority
Income Protection, Mortgage protection, Trauma, Life

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