100 Mary Road Whangamata

Hi Sharlene, here’s eveything you need to know. The 100 Mary Road document below is printed out on the bench for you along with a full information pack ‘what to do’ etc.
KEYS: The Rumpus Room/Back room has its own key and it’s hanging on the inside back door. It has a GREEN TAG – We always leave it there. The key to the house I’ll give to you Wednesday. The keys to the gates are on the bench and have a RED TAG. 
We hope you enjoy our speacial place – We love it!

John & Lisa McCarthy


VIDEO 1: General Stuff You Need to Know

This is 19 min long. How the TV works, WIFI set up and Amp plus other bits. Make sure you watch the part about the door. This explains everything.

VIDEO 2: How Does The Coffee Machine Work?

If all fails there is a place called Blackies around the courner which makes great coffee…